Wedding Photography Secrets to Make Your Clients Love You

Pertshire wedding photographyThis is a very important topic if you ask. No matter how good of a job you did, you never knew if that was good enough for your client. There’s also the fact that your client might not be satisfied with how you treat and that bias just affects how they judge or value your work.

It’s important to make them like you. No matter what how well you strive, if you fail to build a good relationship with those that booked your Perthshire wedding photography, you’ll be experiencing quite the shock with how they feel about your service.

Be enthusiastic and a friend

The first step is to become the friend they need during this time. A wedding is a very serious event that everyone wants to do their best in. They don’t get a second chance to do it, so it might be a very nervous thing to think about. As a friend, be that person that knows what to do, yet a kind one that’ll sit and listen for hours on.

They might have a lot of things they want to talk, particularly because they hope you can give some kind of insight or clue as to where to start. It’ll be a good thing for you if you’re the first person they came to. You get the first step to shine in front of them. If you’re not, remember to keep the enthusiasm and don’t do it as if it’s an act.

Show what you did to help others

Another thing that will really make them trust you and that you’re the right person is to show what you did for others. In this case, showing your portfolios should be a part of your strategy to tell them that ‘this is what I can do and I’ll definitely be able to also do as good for you’. The portfolios have to be the best of yours in Perthshire wedding photography, like

It’s not that they don’t want to trust you but having a strong base to trust you will make it easier. They won’t doubt your skills nor your words about getting them the best service they need.

You should also talk about the problems that you faced, and if possible, problems that are similar to the clients’. Tell them what you did and then further emphasize that you’re interested in visiting the venue with them. This is to discuss the things that both of you can do to handle what is concerning your client.

Getting to know their family

Your clients aren’t saying it but seeing that you’re in good terms with their parents make them feel at ease. It’s mostly because this is the day that they tell their parents they’re off to become real grown adults and start a new family. It must be an emotional day and you’ll want to take the best pictures of the day minus awkward expressions from the parents.

It’s just the worst; the couple is focusing on each other and the officiant is saying the vow. You need to take some shots of the emotional parents, but they’re just too conscious of you that they looked at your camera and feel awkward afterward. Are you probably too close? But that won’t fix the problem if a close shot is what you need.

Applying these things to how you treat your Pertshire wedding photography clients will surely change their feedback and view on you.