Tips For Aspiring Documentary Wedding Photographers

Client rapport

documentary wedding photographersWedding photographers should make sure that they always go out of their ways to really strike rapport with their clients. If this is an industry that you are planning to get into one way or the other, it is a kind of skill that you will need to learn at some point or so in your career. It will not be easy and it sure is a bit embarrassing and nerve wracking but you will see that the longer that you get to work on it, the thicker your face will grow up to such a point wherein you will no longer feel as sensitive or as shy as you used to be. This is something that can really grow into you. You will eventually get the feel of things. You will eventually get the hang of what you are trying to go ahead and do at the end of the day and that is always a good thing. Start off with the easy and light stuff. Have a firm handshake. Look them in the eyes when you are talking to them. Be polite and friendly. Be sincere and transparent in everything that you are trying to do. Things will have a natural progression from there on out. This is not something that you will have to over think at all. For as long as you just keep doing what feels right, you should get there somehow.


Move around as much as you can. Documentary wedding photography is all about getting things captured in real time. You will not be able to do that if you do not end up thinking and moving on your feet all throughout the time that you are there as the official wedding photographer. This particular job in this particular niche in the industry can turn out to be really quite demanding both mentally and physically and those are aspects that you will have to satisfy if you would like to go ahead and make sure that things are done the right way and that you will really be able to bring something substantial to the table by the end of the wedding photo shoot. Get yourself a nice pair of shoes, something that will be able to keep up one way or the other with your movements. Don’t be all that self conscious. You are going to look rushed and you are going to look disheveled at times but that is a small price to pay for breathtaking pictures by the end of the shoot.


You don’t have to be clairvoyant and you are not required to tell the future but you should be able to at least anticipate what is going to happen next. Try to read the body language and other verbal indicators of the people that you are taking photos of. Base it off of the emotions in the room during that particular scene. Be sensitive and try to read into what is going to happen next because chances are, you will be able to go ahead and check it out the right way for as long as you are always on guard.

How Wedding Photographers Should Dress Up Outdoors

Outdoor shoots have always been tricky things to handle for most of the wedding photographers.

wedding venueAside from the fact that you have to seriously tone done your equipment to nothing but the basics, you also need to make sure that your equipment and the rest of the other photography accessories that you bring along with you are protected from the outdoor weather related elements such as extreme heat or rain. Although natural light is usually abundant and this is usually something that wedding photographers would always prefer when it all comes down to it, the fact remains that there is so much thought that usually goes into the preparation of an outdoor wedding shoot.

Know how to dress up

Another challenge that comes along with an outdoor wedding that usually confounds wedding photographers a lot is how they should dress up. There are so many different outdoor venue possibilities out there that you simply cannot make a decision that is solely based off of that notion at the end of the day. You need to make sure that you are able to really narrow it down as much as possible. First up, what kind of footwear will you be wearing? If the wedding is set to be on a beach, wearing closed shoes might probably end up being a really bad idea and something that you should totally avoid. This is actually one of the few times if not the only time wherein it is forgivable for wedding photographers to wear flip flops during the weddings that they shoot. Flip flops would be out of place and deemed inappropriate for the rest of the other wedding settings out there so try to keep that in mind all of the time. If you are going somewhere woodsy that might end up with you having to trudge through knee length grass all throughout the time, it would probably be appropriate to wear a pair of protective Wellingtons. If you are in a manicured lawn, a pair of kitten heels of women or downright flats should work nicely, and so on and so forth. There are so many different scenarios and possibilities for outdoor settings that you will never really be able to anticipate unless you find out specifically what it’s all about.

Keep clothes modest and professional.

It is also quite common for female wedding photographers to think that if they will be shooting in am outdoor setting, that it’s okay not to cover up that much and to let a few things hang every once in a while. The answer is still no. Keep it modest and professional. You might end up annoying some women attending as guests and you might end up making the men a little bit uncomfortable with being flashed every time you stoop down to take a shot. This is not the kind of thing that you would want people to remember you by so take extra time to really think about what kind of clothes you are able to wear during the wedding photography shoot because it will say a lot about you.