4 Editing Software Needed in Wedding Photography

wedding photographyWhen it comes to wedding pictures, you really can’t skip a single picture without giving it at least a light touch to enhance the beauty. Most of the time, you also need to remove unwanted objects or people to because it’s impossible to be able to find some places during the daytime without people walking around. In other times, editing is just vital to actually make them worthy to be included in the album.

So, make sure to have and learn how to use these four software in wedding photography.

Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

Both ssoftware have pretty similar features and anyone will have their own preference, so here’s how you choose which one to get. Lightroom is the friendlier version of Photoshop with simplified usage. It also integrates many functions down to uploading your work on WordPress. Basically, it is the platform that focuses on smooth workflow. It also works with RAW files.

On the other hand, Photoshop is the predecessor that allows you freedom of choices to do with your pictures. So much so that it could be overwhelming for beginners to get used to and you can sometimes lose your work because the app crashes and you forgot to constantly save your work.

DxO PhotoLab

DxO is a long contender and before this, they have 11 version of DxO Optics Pro. The great thing about this software is it quickly processes pictures from RAW to JPEG format and simplifies editing. For example, it recognizes faces and retains that part from being overly edited when you apply actions or other filters.

In wedding photography, you are constantly working with clients’ faces and the worst part is when there are accidentally affected by the filters and edits you used. DxO wants you to avoid those mistakes while saving your time as it automatically adjusts aberration, tone, contrast, etc. according to the specifications of your camera.


Gimp is professionally used by many platforms due to its high compatibility with almost all operating systems. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about your Mac or Windows notebook not able to run this software. It has the upper hand compared to Photoshop because of the price. Gimp is always free to use with such a wide range of tools to use.

Gimps is also merciful to older laptops and desktops. The download size is so small and the operation won’t necessarily be heavy to your RAM. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your app crashing or waiting for a few seconds for every actions to be processed and saved.


The challenging thing about wedding photography is if you look at pictures, for example, the ones uploaded in www.markquinnphotography.com, you will notice all clients want to look perfect. Which often means you don’t want any ruined hair, acne or even the smallest blemish to appear on the face of the bride. Aviary is the master when it comes to details like this.

These four software range from price to usefulness. But we know many photographers, especially wedding photographers, will find at least one thing they want to use.

Facts A Couple Should Remember For Getting the Most Elegant Wedding Photographs

wedding photographer HertfordshireFor every couple, the dream is to look their best in the wedding photographs especially when it is being shot by a professional wedding photographer. In the process of aiming for perfection in the wedding photographs, most couples tend to forget the most important things. The following are guidelines for couples to getting the most out of their wedding pictures:

Poses should not appear forced

The best pictures are the ones that appear natural and not forced. The best way to get a natural picture is by not looking directly at the camera. If your image is posed or your attention is focused on capturing the camera’s eye, then your wedding photographs will not have the desired effect. Most photographers demand for their subjects to pose naturally and also encourage them to ignore the location of the camera by looking anywhere except for where the camera is.

A charming smile does a lot of good

The same way poses should not be forced applies to the smile on the face of the couples. It is your wedding day and you are expected to be jovial and happy about it. This happiness is meant to ooze from every pore of your body including your face and what better way to relate it than with a smile on your face. A smile goes a long way in embodying the emotion of the day. As a couple, you should try as much as possible to ignore all the stress inducing moments of the wedding activities and just revel in the moment as this is bound to leave a charming smile.

The makeup and hair should be done by professionals

When it comes to the dress, makeup and hair to be used for the wedding, most brides tend to rely on friends and family to take care of that. It is advisable for a bride to hire a professional as they know what type of makeup works best with different situations and which one would also make the bride look best in wedding photographs.

Get the best wedding photographer in your locale

Wedding pictures do not give second chances therefore, they must be gotten right the first time. To further improve the chances of getting the best pictures, it would be wise to hire the best available photographer that can guarantee the best quality wedding photographs due to expertise and years of experience in the field. It is also a good idea to have the wedding photographer accompany the couple from the preparation location to the wedding venue and also the reception so that every precious moment can be captured. Check out www.photographybyadelphos.co.uk for pictures that resonate this.

Proper arrangements of lighting should be kept ready

The wedding reception is always held at a venue that the couple deems fit so it is not surprising that you find some receptions being held on the beach, beside gardens, hotel ballroom or in a decorated tent. Regardless of where the reception is held, adequate arrangements should be made to ensure that the wedding photographer is not faced with any problem regarding the lighting of the wedding.

Why Review A Berkshire Wedding Photography Website

As a potential client, what you need to understand is that a wedding photography website can tell you so much more than you would actually think and this is the kind of thing that can really make all of the difference in the long run. This is the first thing that you need to be looking at because the wedding photography website will give you access to the basic details of the wedding photographer Hertfordshire that you are considering for the job, what the average or standard price ranges are for professional services, and most importantly, what the wedding photography portfolio will turn out to be at the end of the day. if you don’t take the time out of your day to really take a look at the portfolio and review it accordingly, you don’t really have anything substantial when it all comes down to it. When you come to think about it, you will actually be able to go through so much info from the mere aspect of just checking things out online and this is something that can really help you make things turn around and eventually come up with the right or the perfect decision for the wedding photography needs for your wedding.

Narrow down your options by identifying which category the wedding photographer Hertfordshire you are considering for the job is in based on the prevalent photography style that he is using. You need to know and understand full and well what photography style you are looking for or aiming to get for your wedding at the end of the day. You have to really know what you are looking for as much as you possibly can. Get this figured out right off the bat so that things will turn out to make a real turn for success. When you come to think about it, the photography style could really help you wrap things up the right way for the photography coverage of your wedding. Understand what all of your priorities are and make sure that you actually use them in order for you to find out how things are bound to work out in the long run. There will be hundreds and hundreds of wedding photographer options out there but putting in all of the right filters will ensure that you arrive at the perfect decision when you are assessing things accordingly.

Talk to the wedding photographer.

Make the effort to actually talk to the wedding photographer Berkshire that you are considering for the job before you actually take things to a completely different level. This will save you a whole lot of time somewhere in the process as well. Take the time to really consider checking out the Berkshire wedding photography website of the photographer of your choice or whoever is in the running for the job that is available in the Berkshire area. When you interview a photographer for the job, you have the opportunity to go through with follow up questions and notice conversation nuances and so and so forth.

Wedding Photographer In Cheshire Blog Tips

wedding photographer in CheshireWhen you are blogging as a wedding photographer in Cheshire, make sure that you focus on gaining potential clients. Potential clients will turn out to be your main bread and butter as a wedding photographer. You need to understand the fact that when it all comes down to it, there will always turn out to be a bit of a lull in the aspect of you actively gaining contracts in wedding photography. As a matter of fact, you will have to wait it out for quite a bit before you get a chance to get out there and to actually gain what could be considered as a fairly sustainable pipeline of potential clients and income as well at the same time. It will never be easy but it will always be possible. This is how you should see your blog. This is the guiding principle on how you need to get out there and get things done when you are writing. This should be the kind of tone that you are going for when you are writing something up somewhere along the way. Try to take note of this as much as possible and things will work out for you in the end.

Pay attention to the writing style that you have as a wedding photographer.

You need a writing style that is formal at some point or so. It should always be in third person as much as possible. This is the main stark difference offered out by wedding photography blogs out there and something that you should be well aware of when it all comes down to it. You need to understand the direction that you should be taking when it comes to the aspect of writing stuff up while you are at it. This is because the success of a wedding photography blog is reliant on the way that it communicates out to a general audience. You will not be able to pinpoint which kind of people will be reading up on your blog exactly and that is why you need to generalize it as much as you possibly can.

The image layout is also important.

The way that you lay out your images will mainly dictate the visual direction that your wedding photography blog is going to take when it all comes down to it. You need something that is engaging and conclusive at the same time. You can’t have too many pictures while you are at it but at the same time, you can’t afford to have too few of them either. This is what you should be checking out as much as possible. You need to understand the gist of what the importance of the image layout is all about in order for you to pay enough attention to it. Try to look at how the more established blogs are doing it and try to follow them in the best possible ways.

Go for a simple and clean title.

Your title should be short and sweet. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t play around with the words. Keep it on point and always try to say as much as you want to say without going overboard with the words.

Visit www.daniellloydphotography.com and be inspired by the wonderful wedding photography examples you find there.

Tips In Interviewing A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerGetting married and thinking about the prep work that you are going to more or less go through with while you are at it can turn out to be a really stressful endeavor when you come to go ahead and think about it. One of the most important things that you will ever have to prepare for as a bride to be or as a groom to be will have to be the prospect of hiring a professional wedding photographer to go ahead and provide you with the right kind of coverage for the wedding. After all has been said and done, the food and the drinks will all be consumed eventually, the venue will be fixed up and then dismantled, people will come and go; but you will always have the pictures to look back on when it all comes down to it. This is why the wedding photography side of things has always been and will always be an extremely important part of what you will be prepping up for as a person who is about to get married.

Always ask about the date of availability front and center.

This is a bit of a non-negotiable when you are looking for a wedding photographer to book for your wedding. If you have already mapped things out accordingly and your wedding photographer of choice does not happen to be available during the same day of the wedding, then you should definitely opt for the other alternatives that you have on the plate. It would make no sense if you go ahead and keep on trying to get things done based off of the wedding photographer alone. The date is always crucial. Adjust and compromise as much as you can but never compromise on the date.

Ask about the wedding photographer’s experience.

You need to know how many years he has in the business and how many weddings he has managed to shoot so far to more or less get a feel for what he is capable of in the long run. Be particular with the experience. If you will be paying for a premium for the wedding photographer’s services in the first place, you might as well make sure that you opt for someone who has been around for quite a while now because this will really help make things so much easier for you to figure out and to work out as you go along.

Ask if there will be an engagement session along with the wedding coverage.

This is usually something that is packaged separately but if you will be able to strike up a deal wherein you will find something that will work best for you and for what you are trying to implement during the wedding as well as during the engagement photo shoot as well for a lesser price, then opt for that wedding photographer over the others who will not offer you a packaged deal at the end of the day.

Advice Every Wedding Photographer Should Heed

Be spontaneous.

wedding photographyA wedding photographer should always watch out for the real time events happening somewhere along the way. Planned shots are great and you should still continue to have them no matter what happens because the clients will definitely be looking for them one way or the other however, as a wedding photographer, you also need to make sure that you have enough room left for spontaneity somewhere along the way. Although it may mean extra time and extra effort on your end at the end of the day, it will be well worth time and the effort. Think on your feet all of the time and be alert for any important and interesting events that might possibly happen in real time. The thing about weddings is that although there is usually a program being followed, there might be some surprise intermission numbers, or a family member stepping in to say a few kind words for the couple during the reception, or the groom surprising the bride with a song he wrote, and so on and so forth. You will never really be able to know for sure what will be happening next so you might as well opt to make the most of what you can during the wedding photo shoot.

Treat the event shoot as if it were your wedding and as if you are not just a wedding photographer there.

When you become emotionally invested in something, you get to bring the most out of it. The right kind of mindset is a powerful thing to have as a wedding photographer. After all, although you may be hired for your skill and technical knowledge in photography, all of these things will not really amount to much if you don’t have the right kind of attitude brought along with you during the wedding shoot and most of that can really be attributed to the kind of mindset you are bringing along with you. Don’t treat your wedding shoots as means for you to just earn some money. Think of it as a chance for you to live out your dream. Remind yourself of the good things that made you want to be a professional wedding photographer in the first place. Go back to the times wherein you were just sitting somewhere, drawing plans out in the air, wishing for your very first wedding booking. Right now, you are living the dream. Act like it and appreciate it.

A white sheet will save you time and effort during outdoor shoots.

Bring one along whenever you can. The bride can be a little too overprotective of her dress at times and that’s quite understandable. After all, there might be a story to that. It might be because this is something that has been her family for 8 generations or so or it might be because she took several years to find the perfect one. Whatever the back story may be, the point is, the bride will not be willing to risk getting the dress dirty, especially in outdoor shoots. Bring a white sheet with you so that you can just unroll it out on the ground for the bride to step on.

Wedding Photographer Carpe Diem Tips

Start things out today.

wedding photographerIf you know in your heart of hearts that being a wedding photographer is something that you would like to do and keep on doing in the long run, there is no reason why you should be intimidated on starting working on it today. Procrastinating or pushing things off for a later date will only turn out to delay you even more. There is no reason why you should be afraid to start working on steps to get you to the point wherein you will finally be able to launch a career as a professional wedding photographer somewhere along the way. You don’t have to always go for the grand steps and gestures all of the time.

Start off with the small and baby steps that are not all that hard to follow through with.

You can start things off by putting up a wedding photography blog. You don’t have to be a professional wedding photographer to start a blog, after all, but it is a step closer to where you would like to be somehow. There is no such thing as a step too small or progress that is a little too insignificant. Progress is progress no matter which angle you choose to look at it and that is a fact.

Business cards can help you out in your networking efforts as a wedding photographer.

They are not that hard to come up with and produce. A nice looking business card is something that will help boost your confidence and help you check out what the possibilities are when it comes to the aspect of being a professional wedding photographer someday. This will turn out to be a nice reminder for you to keep on working on your goals and to keep on chasing after your dreams even if they may seem a little far off during right at this very moment. You can design your business cards in any way that you can. You can even start things off with a free software that you can find online. There are tons and tons of options that you can put to good use when you are composing your business card as an aspiring wedding photographer. A business card will allow you to disseminate your info to people you might want to network with as well as to people who might want to reach out to you as well. Start out with a business card today and keep it on you all of the time to remind you that this is someone that you can turn out to be in the long run.

A blog is something that can also put you on the map as a wedding photographer.

A blog is not something that is all that hard to start. With a little effort and with a little bit of writing and image layout prowess, you should be up and running in no time at all. Try to work on themes that will more or less revolve around the aspect of you becoming a wedding photographer based in peterborough. You can even put up personal projects that you have managed to accumulate over the years.

Gaining Experience as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyThe best advice that you could ever latch onto as a wedding photographer is to attempt to gain experience all throughout the time that you are trying to establish your career and trying to make your mark in the wedding photography industry. This may not be the easiest thing for you to pull off but what you can be quite rest assured of is that for as long as it is something that you keep working on and something that you are patient enough with at the end of the day, it is something that will eventually help you get your career the kind of running start it needs so that you will be able to really progress as you go along. Gaining experience is not something that you will be able to achieve overnight. That is why if you are not gaining progress any time soon, there is no need to rush it. This is not the type of thing that you can end up rushing when it all comes down to it. Things like this take time but once you get through it, it will always be worth it.

Actively apply for internships.

If you are currently enrolled in a photography course, the best way for you to be in the loop of things would be to reach out to your school admin and try to see if they have anything up on their bulletin board. If not, then there are a lot of forums online that will allow you to check out the newest updates and opportunities. Join the communities and the other groups in your area and try to see if you have anything that you can join or check out as you go along. More experienced wedding photographers will usually post something like this up and the reason why this can work out well for you is because you will not only be gaining experience as a wedding photographer, you will also be working under the tutelage of an experienced and an established wedding photographer. The kind of real world experience that you will be getting out of this is something that money cannot buy and something that you will not really be able to get anywhere else. Apply actively because you never really know when you hit the jackpot.

Don’t be picky with the side jobs that you are getting.

Although this may be a bit tough on your pride, especially if you have really high hopes and expectations for yourself right from the very start, you are going to have to start from the bottom and work your way up. There’s just no shortcut for it. If you really want to be a dorset based wedding photographer, you are going to have to learn to work your way up. You will not always get the most glamorous or the most well paid jobs at first but for as long as it is a step forward, there is no reason why you should hesitate. Things will get better and better as you go along. You just need to be patient for it as time passes by.

Image Layout Tips for a Wedding Photographer

Lay out your images right

wedding photographyThe way that you lay out your images in your blog as a wedding photographer can turn out to be just as important as the actual words that you are writing out all throughout the process. You don’t necessarily need a professional image layout editor in order for you to accomplish a fairly seamless and flowing looking kind of image layout for your blog as a wedding photographer but you should at least be taking pointers from them. Read up on professional magazines and other blogs written by your fellow wedding photographers who also inspire you to get better and better at what you do as a wedding photographer. This will make things so much easier for you to go ahead and grasp when it all comes down to it and you will also get to have a clearer understanding of the elements that work and of the elements that don’t work for the image layout of the blog. Be observant and do your best to have a keen eye out for detail because this is something that can really work out well for you and for your aspirations of becoming a professional wedding photographer in the long run.

Keep size at minimum

The first rule of laying out your images for your wedding photography blog is that you should not just go straight out in posting images in full size. Not all of your images deserve to be posted in full size. Keep it at a minimum as much as possible. The images that do deserve to be posted in full size are those images that document the major moments during the wedding such as the first kiss as man and wife, the moment that the bride is about to enter the church doors, the moment that they step out of the church doors together, already married, the first dance, the cake cutting, and so on and so forth. There are a lot of important moments during the wedding and that is the main reason why you should save the full sized images for those. The rest can act as thumbnails that you can post three in a row or something that is fairly similar to that.

Be careful of redundant looking images.

As a wedding photographer, you will fall into the habit of documenting a certain scene for about three times before you move on to the next one. This means that you will have a lot of photos in you arsenal that will more or less end up looking all the same. Be careful that you don’t post all of them in your wedding photography blog. This is something that will bore the readers out and it may affect audience involvement during the blog reading process. Keep it to about one shot per scene and move on from there. The best kind of average for the number of photos that a wedding photographer should be posting up in a blog entry should be about 30 photos or so. Don’t crowd up your blog with unnecessary pictures.

How Wedding Photographers Should Dress Up Outdoors

Outdoor shoots have always been tricky things to handle for most of the wedding photographers.

wedding venueAside from the fact that you have to seriously tone done your equipment to nothing but the basics, you also need to make sure that your equipment and the rest of the other photography accessories that you bring along with you are protected from the outdoor weather related elements such as extreme heat or rain. Although natural light is usually abundant and this is usually something that wedding photographers would always prefer when it all comes down to it, the fact remains that there is so much thought that usually goes into the preparation of an outdoor wedding shoot.

Know how to dress up

Another challenge that comes along with an outdoor wedding that usually confounds wedding photographers a lot is how they should dress up. There are so many different outdoor venue possibilities out there that you simply cannot make a decision that is solely based off of that notion at the end of the day. You need to make sure that you are able to really narrow it down as much as possible. First up, what kind of footwear will you be wearing? If the wedding is set to be on a beach, wearing closed shoes might probably end up being a really bad idea and something that you should totally avoid. This is actually one of the few times if not the only time wherein it is forgivable for wedding photographers to wear flip flops during the weddings that they shoot. Flip flops would be out of place and deemed inappropriate for the rest of the other wedding settings out there so try to keep that in mind all of the time. If you are going somewhere woodsy that might end up with you having to trudge through knee length grass all throughout the time, it would probably be appropriate to wear a pair of protective Wellingtons. If you are in a manicured lawn, a pair of kitten heels of women or downright flats should work nicely, and so on and so forth. There are so many different scenarios and possibilities for outdoor settings that you will never really be able to anticipate unless you find out specifically what it’s all about.

Keep clothes modest and professional.

It is also quite common for female wedding photographers to think that if they will be shooting in am outdoor setting, that it’s okay not to cover up that much and to let a few things hang every once in a while. The answer is still no. Keep it modest and professional. You might end up annoying some women attending as guests and you might end up making the men a little bit uncomfortable with being flashed every time you stoop down to take a shot. This is not the kind of thing that you would want people to remember you by so take extra time to really think about what kind of clothes you are able to wear during the wedding photography shoot because it will say a lot about you.