Finding a Professional Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

wedding photographer HertfordshirePreparing for a wedding is a happy occasion that everyone especially the two people getting married are always excited about. Everyone wants to do their best in preparing the event and wants to find the right person to help you with it. That includes hiring the right wedding photographer Hertfordshire for the occasion.

What kind of quality should you see in your wedding photographer? Here are some that will help you guide you to trim all those photographers to only the ones that you will be happy with.

Years of experience

Some of the photographers that you saw are probably still new and we want you to be especially careful with a wedding photographer that has less than a year of experience. Unless that person is a relative that you can trust, we will not recommend hiring this person.

Experience defines how the photographer is well-prepared to face the next job. The photographer must have been faced with various problems during a wedding and overcame it. With that many experiences, you can also look at more portfolios to see more of his style and how he shoots.


There are many ways to look at the style of a wedding photographer. One of that is by looking at their portfolios which is usually available on their site. You can easily Google them if you know their studio’s name or maybe it’s how you found the photographer in the first place! Most of the time, clients find themselves astounded by the pictures shown in those short portfolios.

A little tip we get from a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire, Rafe Abrook Photography, is to ask for the photographer to show a full album of his own work. It’s preferable to see a recent one, such as an album done within a year. That way, you can see the photographer’s style in a more realistic way because it’s actually almost impossible to capture all gorgeous and stunning pictures all the time!

Do you like the photographer?

This is quite important to think about! You will be spending quite some time with the wedding photographer on your wedding day. Like it or not, you are tied to him for the whole day and it can get very uncomfortable if you don’t like his company to begin with. Make sure it’s someone you can come to terms with and enjoy having around you.

It will also show on your face in the pictures captured later. It’s supposed to be a happy day, girl, dude, whoever is reading this, don’t sacrifice your happiness like this!

Read the contract

When you read the contract, check all the statements and details. Make sure that it’s only filled with what you agree with the photographer before. Don’t feel rushed to read the contract and do it with your partner. Ask about anything that you are not clear about in the contract and most important, do not miss out on the fine prints!

Only after you agree with what’s on the contract should you sign it and hire the wedding photographer Hertfordshire.

These are the things that you mainly need to pay attention to. Make sure to do this when you start looking for your wedding photographer.

Important Tips for the Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

The place where two paths merge

wedding photographer hertfordshireDue to the fast paced world that we live in, more and more of the ancient traditions are steadily making way for the new. Most people attribute this change or give away to be as a result of modern eccentricities. Regardless of this, there are still certain locations that instead of remaining unchanged by time or bending into the modern will have merged these two things together. Such a place is Hertfordshire.

What experience Hertfordshire provides to the photographer

The wedding photographer Hertfordshire operates in an environment where modernity meets the ancient. And because old is often considered golden, the wedding photographer Hertfordshire has the opportunity to mine wealth by incorporating the ancient localities around Hertfordshire as part of the photo sessions for the clients. Located in southern England, Hertfordshire offers the best village scenery for wedding couples who might want to capture memories from a less urban setting than what they are accustomed to.

The best place of outdoor photo shoot

The most important skill that the wedding photographer Hertfordshire should possess is the ability to capture the best outdoor wedding photographs. That is because Hertfordshire is all about scenery and if the photographer is an indoor studio man then the task of capturing a wedding couple on a field while riding on a horse may be a daunting one.

Furthermore, the scenery in Hertfordshire requires diverse artistic perceptions because the villages are not located or coalesced in a single location. That implies that the wedding photographer must know whether he will bend to take the photos of the bride and groom riding on the back of a horse in one of the villages or whether he will go much lower to capture the bride and groom disembarking from a grass thatched house in Hertfordshire. Reinvention is critical for a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire.

Varied shoot options

The great news for the wedding photographer Hertfordshire comes from the fact that the large number of great locations from which to take a wedding photo shoot offers him an array of choices from which he could select those that align with his skills and strength. For instance, the wedding photographer in Hertfordshire can capture the ceremony moments in the thatched roofs of the village set up in Colbney Heath and the village of Braughing. Photos taken with the bride and groom exiting or entering the thatched houses could be an artistic impression of the clash between the ancient and the modern through the capturing of the thatched roofs and the dressing code of the bride and the groom.

The timber houses

The timber houses of St. Ippolysts which also has a chapel is one place where the wedding photographer Hertfordshire may use his skills to capture both religion and the unadulterated civility as it probably looked centuries ago before the discovery of coal and industrialization. This mix of religion, civility, and a grand moment of love can create an artistic impression of a perfect world. For what would the world ever wish for save for religion, civility, and love.