Destination Wedding: Should I Bring a Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographer AndoverPlanning for your dream wedding? Don’t know if you should hire a local wedding photographer or bring your own?

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about hiring a wedding photographer Andover. We want you to know the risks and make sure that you can get the most out of your wedding photography.

So, should I hire a local photographer?

Well, there, hold your horses. A destination wedding means that you’ll get to spend a limited amount of time to scout the venue. You most probably won’t be able to meet most of your vendors and rely on your wedding coordinator.

If let’s say, you came upon a wedding photographer from the local and you fell in love with the pictures. There’s a 90% probability that you’d want to hire him instead. If this is you, what you need to know is how to make sure you’re getting the right guy and getting the right pictures.

They have different priorities.

Working with a wedding photographer that isn’t from the same working culture may shock you with the fact that they have different priorities. If you wish, you can ask your coordinator/planner to find someone experienced with international clients.

Make time to meet and talk.

This won’t be just a meet and greet with the photographer, but a long discussion about the wedding. You don’t know if the next time you are going to be the wedding day, so you want him to know your expectations and also how pictures will be sent.

Plan the printing of the album.

With that, you’d also want him to arrange the files as a wedding album ready to be printed. So, all you need to do later is to send the files to the printing company. Or you can ask him to print for you and send the album later when it’s finished. This will cost you an international delivery fee.

Why should I bring my own photographer?

For some others, they may have found a photographer they can relate more with from Andover, like Danish Apple Photography. So, they think they can instead, ask her to come and become their wedding photographer Andover.

What’s the thing I have to know?

You should make use of the fact that you can meet often to arrange and discuss everything.

Because you’re not separated by the ocean or border or timezone, you have as many time as you want to chat and discuss things out. Make use of this by keeping the photographer up to date to the décor of the venue. Your photographer might have things to say to improve it.

Paying for the travel and accommodation.

If you want to bring your photographer along, you’ll also have to remember to find accommodation and pay the travel fee. That’s usually separated from the service fee.

Bring your photographer along when you visit the venue.

Remember to arrange at least a day before the wedding to visit the venue. There’s a high probability that your wedding photographer Andover has never been to that place before. Let him familiarize himself with the place.