4 Best Podcasts for Wedding Photographers Billericay

wedding photographers BillericayInspiration and knowledge are both part of a photographer’s craft. Listening to other wedding photographers Billericay expand on what they do plays a huge role in learning new tips and getting new ideas. The photographic community expresses itself through many types of media, but podcasts are a very popular emerging trend.

Podcasts have gained a huge following in the past decade, with more and more on every topic one can think of being created and listened to every day. Photographers can subscribe to a wide array of podcasts, but here are a few that can provide inspiration and technique.

  1. The Beginner Photography Podcast

An ongoing podcast currently offering awhopping 134 episodes, The Beginner Photography is an essential guide to newcomers. Hosted by a wedding photographer, the podcast covers everything, from learning equipment to in-depth introductions of the various photography styles. It also provides interviews with established photographers addressing what they wish they would have known at the beginning of their careers. Theory and practice are both addressed so that it all remains easily understandable There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from this podcast, as well as a navigation system to an art that can seem quite daunting.

  1. The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is a more recently created podcast that has gained much acclaim. A product of crowdsourcing that also offers an app, The Candid Frame has a vast amount of episodes that cater to portrait photographers in particular, but that can provide insight and inspiration across the board. The podcast has interviews with different photographers, as well as the host’s in-depth research on each topic, and specially-tailored findings. The episodes address lighting at night, street photography, framing, composition, perspectives and everything else wedding photographers Billericay like those from https://www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk both old and new can dive straight into without emerging for breath.

  1. PhotoBizXposed

PhotoBizXposed delves into the inner workings of the photography business, analysing strategies and interviewing experts. There is much to be learned from this podcast for those setting out to break into the industry, from tips on the photography itself to how to deal with marketing and advertising to how to price in order to create a profit. Made specifically with wedding and portrait photographers in mind, this podcast goes beyond artistry and creativity and teaches you how to best make a living out of that art.

  1. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is delivered in episodes released three times a week. It teaches the art and craft of photography through practical examples, and it covers everything a photographer might ever want to learn. There are episodes on specific cameras and other gear, on industry secrets, on how to photograph depending on the style, on studios and on lenses and on post-production software. It also has episodes on specific artists and photographers, as well as ones focused on visual theory.

Photography podcasts are varied and abundant, and they are essential in establishing and succeeding in a business. They are also extremely practical in that they can be used on the move, and they are very much recommended to any and all wedding photographers Billericay.

4 Things Wedding Photographers Should Never Forget

wedding photographers BillericayMany sites focus on the photography skills of wedding photographers Billericay and equipment you should use. But in the business world, there are even more factors that you need to consider aside from those things. Many of your clients don’t really think that deep about photography or the style; they simply like your pictures and want you to provide the terms that they can agree with.

Here are 4 things that you need to remember every time you deal with a client. It will also help you focus on becoming a better wedding photographer.

Build connection

You need to know a lot of wedding photographers. It’s best that you make friends with them and join a sort of community to help each other out. You never know when you will need someone else to replace for your job, although it also means that you need to do the same for them. The connection can also help inspire you when you meet up and discuss the latest advancement in camera technology or new ways of shooting.

You need to guarantee your clients that there will definitely be someone who can shoot when you can’t, so this is a must.

Show and explain that you care

A lot of photographers have worked for so long, they only see their photography business as a way to earn money. It’s not the job that helps puts smiles in their clients face when they give them the pictures anymore. It’s not the job that makes them happy when they get a beautiful shot of the wedding.

Care is a quality that your client seeks and wedding photographers Billericay should know this. Your client will also rely on and trust you more if you are able to do it. A photographer from www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk gained popularity because of this. There was reportedly positive feedback from clients in terms of how the photographer treated them.

Be honest

Your client isn’t dumb and will be able to figure some things that you lied to him about. There are also some obvious acts that clients know aren’t wrong but are ethically annoying. For example, sending an assistant to the extra hours you provided them, leaving them thinking that they still get you as the main photographer. They should have asked you, but it’s something that many people think is obvious.

Treat them like how you’d treat a close friend. You wouldn’t want to try to fraud or even be clever to them. If that’s how it is, then be truthful about it. If you know you are not capable of it, then don’t do it.

Do your best

We have met wedding photographers Billericay who went to so many weddings and took so many pictures that they forgot they weren’t serious about it anymore. They did it as if they were on an autopilot mode; they weren’t seriously giving their all. It can happen to you too as you get bored with the job and it can be dangerous. Enjoy your job and remember your love towards photography and how you ended up doing this. It’ll be easier to gather up your determination and start trying your best again.

Reflectors: How to Use Them

wedding photographers BillericayReflectors are a great addition to your photography equipment. They help reflect the necessary light to your subject. Different colors will reflect different tones. Some are softer, some more powerful. Learning which one to use in what condition will help a lot, especially facing the different weather that might befall the day of the photography session or wedding.


This is the most common color found in any reflectors. Its shiny property cause light to easily bounce to the subject, filling shadows on the needed parts. It’s like using another flash that does not necessarily create more shadows. It is also easy to use as it basically bounces back the light we know as it is.

The problem with this is that sometimes it reflects too strong; it’ll unnecessarily light up your client’s face and even cause the wedding dress to glow brighter than needed.

Aluminium foil is the best material to make this kind of reflector.


This is similar to silver but reflects much softer than silver. The great thing about white reflector is that it does not give that shiny, dramatic light like silver does. Wedding photographers Billericay find themselves using white reflectors pretty often as it is giving just enough light to the subject.

If it is to be compared, silver gives off the metallic light, while white reflectors have a more matte feeling to it.

White cardboard is a substitute you can use. A wide piece of white paper is also a great choice, although it won’t last long.


This is a strong reflector that works best during the golden hour. Since sunsets and sunrise often cast shadows on client’s face, gold reflectors help fill yellow tone upon the shadowed parts.

This is a good way to create a richer light composition, but be careful to not use it in bright places with white lights. It will unnecessarily cause clients to look yellow and even change the color of the clothes or wedding dress.

There are people who sell golden aluminum foil, which can be made into a reflector.


There have been suggestions on crumpling the foil to create a unique impression of light. And yes, these are worth trying out. Crumpled foils do not reflect light as strong, but they create unpredictable, equal reflections on subjects.


This is the anti-reflector that absorbs light, instead of reflecting them. Sometimes, you wish to just tone down the light, but what happens is that your light diffuser either cause the image too dark or taking it off will just light everything up. The black reflector is a great thing to have in such condition. They cast shadows only on parts that you want.


Aside from reflected light, real reflections are also great addition to have. Not just reflections, if you notice, mirrors also light up a place that has a little light in them. Whether you use it to reflect light or shadows, it’s a great thing to have around.


Walls that are painted on solid colors post as a great reflector of all colors. The only problem lies in the fact that you cannot expect what color will the wall be painted when you arrive. Although, if you had attended the rehearsal or visited the venue beforehand, you should not have a problem with this. It’s one of those things that made pictures taken by professional wedding photographers Billericay look very natural.