5 Things Parents Can Expect in a Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootGetting a baby photoshoot session for your little one is surely a big experience for the baby! Now, this might be your first or second times to a studio to have baby pictures taken. But depending on the type of photoshoot you booked, there are different things you need to prepare.

So, here are the tips and reminders on what you can expect when you attend a baby photoshoot!

1.Bring spare clothes

Taking pictures of babies rarely escape the fact that it’s going to get messy. Even though it’s just a simple session of taking the pictures of your baby crawling, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Make sure to bring something extra for your baby to wear home!

2.Unexpected results

Every baby is different just like us adults. Some of us love pineapples on pizzas while others completely shun the idea. Just like that, your baby might not be giving the reaction that you are expecting and you might think of blaming the photographer for being a scary person! This is just an example, but we are pretty sure that it happens to some people.

We want you to come and not be set on a particular result. Babies are unexpected that way! They are so new to the world and at the same time, you’ve only known them for a couple of months or years! There are still many things to learn about your baby.

3.Your help!

Some photographers find it hard to get close to shy babies. They open up better when their parents help them get close to the photographer. Having you involved will definitely help the baby express himself freely as they feel safe around you. Not even the most professional photographer like Stephen Bruce Photography can top off the ability of a parent to convince their baby in a baby photoshoot!

It’s also a good idea to let the photographer get acquainted with the baby. Let the photographer carry the baby and place him on the set, so the baby knows that it’s someone he’s familiar with.


There will be a lot of props involved because that’s the job of your photographer! You can ask for the photographer’s permission to go through the props that he plans to use. If there’s anything which looks questionable in terms of safety, ask for the photographer’s explanation on how it’s used or change it if you don’t want your baby in it.

You can also bring your own props to the studio and ask the photographer to include it.

5.Just have fun!

Don’t try to have everything look perfect and don’t try to make your baby feel a certain way about something. Just let things flow they way they do and have fun! Leave the photography job to the photographer and all you need to do is to enjoy some quality time with your baby.

There are many themes to choose from, but most parents love to do birthday bash. If that’s what you booked the baby photoshoot session for, then it’s all the more reason to have fun and not be afraid to get dirty! Just make sure that the birthday cake is made to be safe to be played by babies!