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For custom unique personalised duvet covers, Duvet And Pillow can take your picture, logo or design and create a fantastic and unique personalised duvet cover. Your duvet cover will be printed on our top quality polyester and will last for years.They can be washed normally in your washing machine and you can iron directly over the image without fading.

Our permanently frameproofed duvet covers are printed with your company logo, favorite photograph or a design of your choice to a maximum print size of A3 - 42cm x 29.7cm or 16.5" x 11.7". The image is permanently dyed into the fabric and will not fade. Our customised duvet covers come in a range of colours including white, light blue, light green, cream and lemon. If you want a company who can print a duvet cover to your own design, just choose your colour and email your image and/or words and we will respond quickly.

These personalised duvet covers are in single or double size and unique for you, or make a unique gift for family and friends. Our personalised bedding covers are also ideal as presents for family or friends, and make great gifts for Christmas or for a birthday, anniversary, mothers day or fathers day. If you just want one or a multiple order, we can do it for you. For quality picture printing our light colour range is ideally suited.

The standard single duvet cover price is £39 including delivery, and the standard double duvet cover price is £54 including delivery, and quantity discounts may be available. A matching plain pillowcase is also available at £4 or two at £6. We can do two 12"x8" photos or eight 6"x4" photos in one A3 print if they are all landscape or all portrait, or an extra A3 print is £12 or a smaller logo or name print below half A4 will be cheaper. Payment can be made through Paypal, which will also take card payments, to

To enquire or place an order, just email us with your colour preference and your best quality image and/or text with any instructions to, and we will do the rest quickly. Or phone 07958 434 656 in work hours.

We normally despatch within 48 hours, and certainly within 3 business days. No minimum order.
(Our A3 printing is not suited to fully cover duvets, like a Batman kids duvet, for that try

duvet or pillow line graphic

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