How to Master Photography SEO

photography SEOEvery professional photographer needs to own a site to make it possible for people to find them anytime. That also means that you need a good photography SEO skill in managing your own site. But the problem now is that not everyone has even the time to start exploring the world of SEO.

So, let us tell you one surprising answer.

You don’t master photography SEO because that is not your job or your thing. Unless you love IT or online content managing or marketing, you do not need to waste your time trying to master SEO in photography. The reason is that you need to focus on what you do best and offer to your clients: photography.

What you can do for now is to make sure your content has basic SEO quality in them. We’ll help you explore the things you need to do that do not need for you to understand jargons of IT.


After you know the keywords that are most prominent from your site, it’s time to make use of those words in creating your content. You can also change your landing page message or biography to include those keywords. When you want to upload a new blog post, after you finish writing it, be sure to include the right keywords in it naturally.

Note that you shouldn’t try to misuse the algorithm of keywords because you might end up causing your site to rank lower than it could’ve reached. Do not try to outsmart the system because by the time it realizes that your visitors are always leaving soon, it will mark your site for it.

Get a professional help!

We suggest you get help from regarding the photography SEO for your sites. You can get a professional service that will allow you to figure out where you did wrong and how your site could perform better. At least, in terms of content, it will help you figure out which keyword is best used at where and how often it should appear.

Image optimization

And it won’t just be the words that you wrote, but also the description of your pictures. You need to make sure that your pictures have alt texts and name that can be comprehended by the search engine. For example, you need to include the name of the place or the people that describe the pictures. Getting this professional help will let you know how to optimize your images better.

Regular upload

You also need to upload content to your blog regularly. Make sure that it’s done regularly every few weeks, so people know when to expect for your next update. This makes it easy for people to keep track of you and come back whenever you need them to. A blog is also a great place for you to get closer to your fans, visitors and clients.

People who want to hire you for your service will find it helpful to go through your blog posts to get to know more about you and your skills. This is one easy way to improve photography SEO of your site.