Baby Photography 101

Taking up baby photos can be challenging and even a disaster if you are not well-prepared for it.

baby photos DublinHandling your clients, especially little ones that hardly understand words and unable to do poses, can be a problem and you wonder if you are up to the challenge. Don’t be too worried! Many have thought the same thing and are now even successfully conducting multiple baby photos Dublin!

Here are some advices that experts give.

Baby mess!

Always have some baby necessities ready with you! Baby can make mess around your set and even around herself. Knowing one or two basics about baby care can be proven to be very helpful to your customers.

Of course, parents will be bringing their own baby needs and can take care of it themselves, but positive experience throughout the whole photography session can be a good thing for you too! Some parents are inexperienced and have trouble with taking care of their little one for the first time. Offering a hand can touch them and move them to tell others about it.

Prioritize baby’s safety

Newborns are especially cute as they curl up and sleep in whatever you put them in. It tempts you to put them in hanging baskets or bags and other cute stuffs, but ensuring safety is the top priority for you and the parents. Sure, once those pictures are out, they can make great portfolios for future customers reference, but you only need one mistake to fail.

Babies are jumpy and unpredictable. They can make movements that endanger themselves and so, you need to always have someone looking out for the baby even for a slight moment. Babies can even fall off sofa at home, it id much more possible for them to fall off somewhere hanging. Lay out a soft cushion under the hanging position and have the parents stay alert next to the baby while you take pictures.

Let the baby do her baby stuffs

For newborns, they are usually in their sleeping condition and look calm and undisturbed in most of their pictures taken. Whereas in older babies, such as one or a few months old, they are more active and have shorter sleeping schedules in between. Be flexible.

Babies are hard to keep in one place or posed. Newborns sleep. You will have a problem of keeping them upright or forcing them into a certain position. You can use an assistant to hold the baby up and edit it out from photoshop later. But, mostly, sleeping positions are also the essence of a newborn picture.

For older babies, you will want to get a lighter, happier baby photos Dublin theme, especially when they open their eyes energetically and move around. While still keeping an eye on them, let the baby crawl on the set and props you have set and take pictures of different angles.

Don’t miss those private sessions.

You will be taking breaks in between session to clean the mess up, changing diapers or for breastfeeding the baby. Don’t miss these little moments! Have your assistant clean whatever it is and move the props around while you should stay around the parents and the baby to steal private cute moments between parents and their baby. It is not rare that these pictures come out better than the set in baby photos Dublin.