10 Tips for Photographing Babies in Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryDoing a newborn photography Calgary is not an easy task. Apart from being tasked to get the best shot out of the baby, you would also be reminded how vulnerable a newborn baby is and would be asked to do everything as gentle as possible. It means that while thinking about techniques of photography that we are going to apply in the photoshoot, the baby’s wellbeing should also be our consideration when doing a newborn baby photography.

In order to be able to carry out a newborn photoshoot session effectively, there are a number of tips that you could try to implement throughout the session. These tips are developed with the aim to create a great atmosphere for the photoshoot session to comfort the baby while being put in various poses. Here are 10 of tips for photographing babies:

Deciding the style of the photoshoot

As a newborn photographer, it is great to have a pre-determined topic or theme for each session. This will help you determine what to put on the baby, and what to bring to the photoshoot.

2. Playing with angles

Different angle could give you different perspective and thus different dimension of the baby. In this regard, you could experiment with the angles to get the best shot out of the baby.

3.  Playing with the focus

You could change the focus of your shot several times to get the perfect effect for your shot. You could change your focus to several body parts of the baby, like the ears, mouth, and arms.

4.  Capturing the right moment

The challenge in newborn photography Calgary is that you need to be able to identify the very moment where the baby is in happy mood. This could be indicated by the babby smiling to the camera.

5. Always being well-prepared

You never know when the baby would smile or make any cute move. That being said, it is crucial that you are always well-prepared so that you could capture any moment the minute it occurs.

6.  Keeping on shooting

This point is strongly related with the previous one, in which you are expected to be ready all the time. Instead of waiting for the right moment, you could keep shooting the baby to ensure that you don’t miss any moment.

7. Adding some photo editing

It’s surely not a mistake to do some editing for your shots. This editing process is done to perfect each shot you took.

8. Doing a black and white session

One technique that you could try to apply in newborn photography is to take out the colors out of the frame. This helps reducing any distraction that colors may bring to the shot.

9. Using different lighting

You could experiment with different lightings to get the best angle of the shot. You could even use different sources of light for this matter.

10. Taking different moments

doing a newborn photography means capturing every moment that the baby may have. That’s why it is important to take more than one angle and position in every shot you take.

The tips discussed above are the best ones to ensure that you have a successful newborn photography Calgary session. You could refer to Dulce Baby Photography for more examples of how doing newborn photography.

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