10 Tips for Photographing Babies in Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryDoing a newborn photography Calgary is not an easy task. Apart from being tasked to get the best shot out of the baby, you would also be reminded how vulnerable a newborn baby is and would be asked to do everything as gentle as possible. It means that while thinking about techniques of photography that we are going to apply in the photoshoot, the baby’s wellbeing should also be our consideration when doing a newborn baby photography.

In order to be able to carry out a newborn photoshoot session effectively, there are a number of tips that you could try to implement throughout the session. These tips are developed with the aim to create a great atmosphere for the photoshoot session to comfort the baby while being put in various poses. Here are 10 of tips for photographing babies:

Deciding the style of the photoshoot

As a newborn photographer, it is great to have a pre-determined topic or theme for each session. This will help you determine what to put on the baby, and what to bring to the photoshoot.

2. Playing with angles

Different angle could give you different perspective and thus different dimension of the baby. In this regard, you could experiment with the angles to get the best shot out of the baby.

3.  Playing with the focus

You could change the focus of your shot several times to get the perfect effect for your shot. You could change your focus to several body parts of the baby, like the ears, mouth, and arms.

4.  Capturing the right moment

The challenge in newborn photography Calgary is that you need to be able to identify the very moment where the baby is in happy mood. This could be indicated by the babby smiling to the camera.

5. Always being well-prepared

You never know when the baby would smile or make any cute move. That being said, it is crucial that you are always well-prepared so that you could capture any moment the minute it occurs.

6.  Keeping on shooting

This point is strongly related with the previous one, in which you are expected to be ready all the time. Instead of waiting for the right moment, you could keep shooting the baby to ensure that you don’t miss any moment.

7. Adding some photo editing

It’s surely not a mistake to do some editing for your shots. This editing process is done to perfect each shot you took.

8. Doing a black and white session

One technique that you could try to apply in newborn photography is to take out the colors out of the frame. This helps reducing any distraction that colors may bring to the shot.

9. Using different lighting

You could experiment with different lightings to get the best angle of the shot. You could even use different sources of light for this matter.

10. Taking different moments

doing a newborn photography means capturing every moment that the baby may have. That’s why it is important to take more than one angle and position in every shot you take.

The tips discussed above are the best ones to ensure that you have a successful newborn photography Calgary session. You could refer to Dulce Baby Photography for more examples of how doing newborn photography.

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4 Editing Software Needed in Wedding Photography

wedding photographyWhen it comes to wedding pictures, you really can’t skip a single picture without giving it at least a light touch to enhance the beauty. Most of the time, you also need to remove unwanted objects or people to because it’s impossible to be able to find some places during the daytime without people walking around. In other times, editing is just vital to actually make them worthy to be included in the album.

So, make sure to have and learn how to use these four software in wedding photography.

Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

Both ssoftware have pretty similar features and anyone will have their own preference, so here’s how you choose which one to get. Lightroom is the friendlier version of Photoshop with simplified usage. It also integrates many functions down to uploading your work on WordPress. Basically, it is the platform that focuses on smooth workflow. It also works with RAW files.

On the other hand, Photoshop is the predecessor that allows you freedom of choices to do with your pictures. So much so that it could be overwhelming for beginners to get used to and you can sometimes lose your work because the app crashes and you forgot to constantly save your work.

DxO PhotoLab

DxO is a long contender and before this, they have 11 version of DxO Optics Pro. The great thing about this software is it quickly processes pictures from RAW to JPEG format and simplifies editing. For example, it recognizes faces and retains that part from being overly edited when you apply actions or other filters.

In wedding photography, you are constantly working with clients’ faces and the worst part is when there are accidentally affected by the filters and edits you used. DxO wants you to avoid those mistakes while saving your time as it automatically adjusts aberration, tone, contrast, etc. according to the specifications of your camera.


Gimp is professionally used by many platforms due to its high compatibility with almost all operating systems. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about your Mac or Windows notebook not able to run this software. It has the upper hand compared to Photoshop because of the price. Gimp is always free to use with such a wide range of tools to use.

Gimps is also merciful to older laptops and desktops. The download size is so small and the operation won’t necessarily be heavy to your RAM. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your app crashing or waiting for a few seconds for every actions to be processed and saved.


The challenging thing about wedding photography is if you look at pictures, for example, the ones uploaded in www.markquinnphotography.com, you will notice all clients want to look perfect. Which often means you don’t want any ruined hair, acne or even the smallest blemish to appear on the face of the bride. Aviary is the master when it comes to details like this.

These four software range from price to usefulness. But we know many photographers, especially wedding photographers, will find at least one thing they want to use.

4 Best Podcasts for Wedding Photographers Billericay

wedding photographers BillericayInspiration and knowledge are both part of a photographer’s craft. Listening to other wedding photographers Billericay expand on what they do plays a huge role in learning new tips and getting new ideas. The photographic community expresses itself through many types of media, but podcasts are a very popular emerging trend.

Podcasts have gained a huge following in the past decade, with more and more on every topic one can think of being created and listened to every day. Photographers can subscribe to a wide array of podcasts, but here are a few that can provide inspiration and technique.

  1. The Beginner Photography Podcast

An ongoing podcast currently offering awhopping 134 episodes, The Beginner Photography is an essential guide to newcomers. Hosted by a wedding photographer, the podcast covers everything, from learning equipment to in-depth introductions of the various photography styles. It also provides interviews with established photographers addressing what they wish they would have known at the beginning of their careers. Theory and practice are both addressed so that it all remains easily understandable There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from this podcast, as well as a navigation system to an art that can seem quite daunting.

  1. The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is a more recently created podcast that has gained much acclaim. A product of crowdsourcing that also offers an app, The Candid Frame has a vast amount of episodes that cater to portrait photographers in particular, but that can provide insight and inspiration across the board. The podcast has interviews with different photographers, as well as the host’s in-depth research on each topic, and specially-tailored findings. The episodes address lighting at night, street photography, framing, composition, perspectives and everything else wedding photographers Billericay like those from https://www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk both old and new can dive straight into without emerging for breath.

  1. PhotoBizXposed

PhotoBizXposed delves into the inner workings of the photography business, analysing strategies and interviewing experts. There is much to be learned from this podcast for those setting out to break into the industry, from tips on the photography itself to how to deal with marketing and advertising to how to price in order to create a profit. Made specifically with wedding and portrait photographers in mind, this podcast goes beyond artistry and creativity and teaches you how to best make a living out of that art.

  1. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is delivered in episodes released three times a week. It teaches the art and craft of photography through practical examples, and it covers everything a photographer might ever want to learn. There are episodes on specific cameras and other gear, on industry secrets, on how to photograph depending on the style, on studios and on lenses and on post-production software. It also has episodes on specific artists and photographers, as well as ones focused on visual theory.

Photography podcasts are varied and abundant, and they are essential in establishing and succeeding in a business. They are also extremely practical in that they can be used on the move, and they are very much recommended to any and all wedding photographers Billericay.

Getting Clients as You Embark on Newborn Photography Raleigh NC

newborn photography Raleigh NCThe work of a photographer is never easy especially when you are just starting out with your business o Newborn Photography Raleigh NC. Not only do you have to worry about the fierce competition within your niche, you also have to find a way to attract customers to keep the business afloat. It also does not help that you are basically the one doing everything from manager, accountant, customer service to marketing. If you do not take the right approach to the whole thing, you may find our business falling on its ears.

So, we have already established the fact that your skill was the very reason why you decided to build a business based on photography, now you need clients to ensure the survival of your business. Read below to find out the things you ought to do to make sure you are the toast of the town.

  • Identify your market

Do you know the reason why most photographers fail? It is because most of them have failed to identify their niche. The world of photography is definitely vast and let us face it, individuals prefer specialists to generalists. You cannot walk up to a client and tell them you are jack of things involving photography. Really? Do you want to tell them that you are good at wedding photography, newborn photography, still life photography etc.. You are bound to lose them.

Therefore, find a niche first and work out the best way possible to sell this niche to potential customers. If you decide that newborn photography Raleigh NC is where you want your focus to be, then everything about your business must be centered on this.

  • Advertise

When it comes to advertisements, there are various ways you can do it. They are broad in nature but for better understanding they will be classified under two umbrellas and that is online and offline advertising. The world is going digital now but this does not mean there is shortage of people who prefer analog. You have to learn how to reach out to these two groups of people. For offline advertisements, you can print out fliers and take out and ad on the local newspaper. You can post fliers around town or drop them at stores so it gets a wider out reach. You can also take to the streets to share them yourself.

For the online method, this means gaining visibility on social media sites. You can also place ads on classifieds or forums. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have ways which promote your business and you can take advantage of them to market.

  • Run Promos

Who does not love free things? Once humans hear that a discount is ongoing somewhere no matter how little, they are bound to want to take you up on that offer. However, you have to be careful with the manner you go about the promo. Also, know that to run a promo you need proper visibility hence the need to advertise and get a good following both online and offline.

Sally Salerno Photography has more tips on improving your newborn photography Raleigh NC business.

Learn about the Reasons for a Photo Booth Hire for Your Event

photo booth hireYou may have noticed the new trend of photo booths in today’s events. Well I think it’s really cool. Instead of playing photographer all night, you can be your own photographer. Well for those who do not know what photo booth are; photo booths are like small boxes or kiosks where a person sits down and is photographed by a machine. Amazing right? In this article today, I will be discussing the reasons why a photo booth hire is quite necessary

Reasons for Photo Booth Hire for your Event

  • Personal Assistant photographer- a photo booth serves like a personal assistant to the event photographer. Your event photographer can’t be everywhere at once or take pictures of everyone, the photo booth is like a helping hand in taking amazing shots of guests, family and friends. So it’s important to have a photo booth at your event.
  • It’s another means of having fun- it’s so cool to see your guests up and running, having fun on your big day. Such experiences do not easily fade away. No matter how prim and proper a person may be or someone who may not like his or her photos taken, they hardly say no to photo booths. Basically photo booths are actually made for free style photos, so you do not have to look so good to take a shot.
  • Photo booth hire is totally affordable

Nowadays, anyone can easily hire photo booths for their events. You don’t have to break the bank to get one for your event, be it weddings, birthdays, graduations ceremonies, etc. Photo booths are just right.

  • Customized photo booths are really great

You can customize photo booths to show the theme of the event you are hosting. Customize the photo booths to print out photos with the theme at the bottom of the photos. That way memories are easier to keep.

  • You can add props

That’s another advantage of a photo booth hire, you can add props like goofy glasses, hats, masks and other things to make it more fun. Well am sure with all these props, your always serious aunt will loosen up. You should definitely try this.

  • You can add music to the photo both

This is definitely a great reason for going for a photo booth hire. While guests are goofing around and taking silly pictures with your photo booth, they could dance to great music as well. With music and photo booth, you have the best party ever.

It’s always an awesome idea to have in mind a photo booth hire when planning for your wedding, birthday party, thanks giving, graduation party or any other event. In as much as it’s packed with so much fun, it saves a lot of time and its stress free. I would totally advice that you go for a photo booth hire because of the amazing reasons discussed above, it’s one unique way to celebrate with friends’ ad families’ and still keep all the memories of the silly moments of everyone that you could look back to and laugh.

You can get a photo booth hire anywhere at all in the UK for your special event. If you are looking for a photo booth hire at affordable rates contact Smart Pics UK Event Photography, they offer the best.

5 Things Parents Can Expect in a Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootGetting a baby photoshoot session for your little one is surely a big experience for the baby! Now, this might be your first or second times to a studio to have baby pictures taken. But depending on the type of photoshoot you booked, there are different things you need to prepare.

So, here are the tips and reminders on what you can expect when you attend a baby photoshoot!

1.Bring spare clothes

Taking pictures of babies rarely escape the fact that it’s going to get messy. Even though it’s just a simple session of taking the pictures of your baby crawling, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Make sure to bring something extra for your baby to wear home!

2.Unexpected results

Every baby is different just like us adults. Some of us love pineapples on pizzas while others completely shun the idea. Just like that, your baby might not be giving the reaction that you are expecting and you might think of blaming the photographer for being a scary person! This is just an example, but we are pretty sure that it happens to some people.

We want you to come and not be set on a particular result. Babies are unexpected that way! They are so new to the world and at the same time, you’ve only known them for a couple of months or years! There are still many things to learn about your baby.

3.Your help!

Some photographers find it hard to get close to shy babies. They open up better when their parents help them get close to the photographer. Having you involved will definitely help the baby express himself freely as they feel safe around you. Not even the most professional photographer like Stephen Bruce Photography can top off the ability of a parent to convince their baby in a baby photoshoot!

It’s also a good idea to let the photographer get acquainted with the baby. Let the photographer carry the baby and place him on the set, so the baby knows that it’s someone he’s familiar with.


There will be a lot of props involved because that’s the job of your photographer! You can ask for the photographer’s permission to go through the props that he plans to use. If there’s anything which looks questionable in terms of safety, ask for the photographer’s explanation on how it’s used or change it if you don’t want your baby in it.

You can also bring your own props to the studio and ask the photographer to include it.

5.Just have fun!

Don’t try to have everything look perfect and don’t try to make your baby feel a certain way about something. Just let things flow they way they do and have fun! Leave the photography job to the photographer and all you need to do is to enjoy some quality time with your baby.

There are many themes to choose from, but most parents love to do birthday bash. If that’s what you booked the baby photoshoot session for, then it’s all the more reason to have fun and not be afraid to get dirty! Just make sure that the birthday cake is made to be safe to be played by babies!

How to Master Photography SEO

photography SEOEvery professional photographer needs to own a site to make it possible for people to find them anytime. That also means that you need a good photography SEO skill in managing your own site. But the problem now is that not everyone has even the time to start exploring the world of SEO.

So, let us tell you one surprising answer.

You don’t master photography SEO because that is not your job or your thing. Unless you love IT or online content managing or marketing, you do not need to waste your time trying to master SEO in photography. The reason is that you need to focus on what you do best and offer to your clients: photography.

What you can do for now is to make sure your content has basic SEO quality in them. We’ll help you explore the things you need to do that do not need for you to understand jargons of IT.


After you know the keywords that are most prominent from your site, it’s time to make use of those words in creating your content. You can also change your landing page message or biography to include those keywords. When you want to upload a new blog post, after you finish writing it, be sure to include the right keywords in it naturally.

Note that you shouldn’t try to misuse the algorithm of keywords because you might end up causing your site to rank lower than it could’ve reached. Do not try to outsmart the system because by the time it realizes that your visitors are always leaving soon, it will mark your site for it.

Get a professional help!

We suggest you get help from http://www.photoproseo.com regarding the photography SEO for your sites. You can get a professional service that will allow you to figure out where you did wrong and how your site could perform better. At least, in terms of content, it will help you figure out which keyword is best used at where and how often it should appear.

Image optimization

And it won’t just be the words that you wrote, but also the description of your pictures. You need to make sure that your pictures have alt texts and name that can be comprehended by the search engine. For example, you need to include the name of the place or the people that describe the pictures. Getting this professional help will let you know how to optimize your images better.

Regular upload

You also need to upload content to your blog regularly. Make sure that it’s done regularly every few weeks, so people know when to expect for your next update. This makes it easy for people to keep track of you and come back whenever you need them to. A blog is also a great place for you to get closer to your fans, visitors and clients.

People who want to hire you for your service will find it helpful to go through your blog posts to get to know more about you and your skills. This is one easy way to improve photography SEO of your site.

Benefits of Hiring a Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyCan you count the number of times you’ve looked at pictures or images of you or your friends and family members and thought wow, the photographer must be really skilled? If you can barely get a good number, then maybe it is time to have a rethink on who shoots your images. It might be you have been entrusting your images to the hands of amateurs or individuals who unlike the photographer Surrey do not go the extra mile in ensuring you get beautiful images that will make you smile in wonder.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But, when your images are lackluster, viewers tend to ignore the essence of it or the image being portrayed and instead focus on the quality of the images. Their interest is now in dissecting what went wrong and what could have been done better.

Well, if you are tired of this being you case, then it might just be time for you to see to hiring an actual professional who cares about how your images turn out. The following are likely benefits from hiring a professional photographer Surrey:

Professional Images

First and foremost, you do not have to worry about the way your images turn out. Give a photographer Surrey a scope of what you want to achieve with the pictures, they liaise with you on how best to achieve this and think of practical ways to do so. During the shoot, the photographer gives you directions on how to pose, where to look, what to adjust etc. to help with a favorable turn out.

However, the capture of the poses is just the first step. The next thing the photographer does is to upload the images to the editing software and adjust certain areas that could not be hidden during the picture taking process. Light, brightness, contrast etc are adjusted and edited out.

Professional Direction

The most frustrating aspect of having your images taken by friends is that not all of them will give you directions on what to do or how to pose to get the pictures looking right. You might tell a friend to take an image of you and instead of them directing you or telling you that certain poses don’t work right, they just click on the camera and that’s the end. How the pictures come out looking is not their business.

However with the photographer Surrey Jonathan Griffiths, this is the least of your worries. His job is to ensure that you have noteworthy images that you can treasure and as such, he knows to attain this, professional direction on his part is needed.

So, you can expect instructions on moving to certain places to get the right light or adjusting your chin position to highlight your eyes etc.

Expert Skills

Not a lot of people have what it takes to elevate the look of an image to a masterpiece. This is where you need skillful hands and expert knowledge. But you won’t get that from just any photographer. Only an expert!

4 Things to Look Out for In the Wedding Venue for Wedding Photography

wedding photography EdinburghOne of the most important aspects of a wedding is the wedding venue. Clearly, without a venue, there cannot be a wedding. There are a number of things to watch out for before selecting a wedding venue. Wedding photography Edinburgh professionals describe 4 important factors in choosing a wedding venue.

The Budget of The Wedding

This is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a wedding venue. There are numerous venues in Edinburgh – and elsewhere – that can be used for weddings. One thing that sets them apart is how much you are willing – and able — to pay for them. The cost of each venue differs; you will have to look closely at the price tags of each venue, and how it will affect your wedding budget. Some venues offer extra services with the booking of the venue. For example, some venues also offer catering services though that might cost more than a venue that does not offer such services.

Also, depending on how large the venue is, the cost may be more than it would be for a smaller venue. All these factors play a major role and if they eat into your budget for the wedding, then you have to reconsider the venue.

The Number of Guests

The number of people attending the wedding also play a role in determining the wedding venue. It is important to impress the guests and leave them with a complete sense of satisfaction although the wedding is basically meant for the couple. You want to impress your guest and let them feel that you considered their welfare by not booking a small venue for a large number of guests.

One of the very first things to consider is how many people will attend the wedding. Guests will remember the wedding venue for years to come. Getting a large venue to accommodate all the guests should be a priority, so as not to leave the guests dissatisfied and uncomfortable. Going for a smaller venue is not a bad idea too, provided it will conveniently accommodate your guests.

Location of The Wedding Venue

Is it close to a major road? Can it be easily located? Are the roads good and easy to ply? How safe is the area? How safe is the venue itself?

“These are few questions that need to be answered”, according to a known wedding photographer. You don’t want your guests or the wedding photographer to find it difficult to locate your wedding venue. You want to make it easy for them and you start to do that by choosing a proper venue.

You should also consider the safety of the venue. Are there exit points in case of a fire breakout? Can law enforcement agents or an ambulance arrive quickly at the venue in case there is an emergency like a flood? You should always consider safety.

The Lighting of The Wedding Venue

Wedding photography Edinburgh – Andrew Weild Photography advises that you should also consider how the venue will affect your wedding pictures. One of the important factors in selecting a wedding venue is the lighting because lighting can have effects on the results of your pictures. This aspect should be left to your wedding photographer, but you can also carry out your own background check. Checking out the venue should help you figure out the sources of light available and how many more sources of light would be needed on the day of the wedding.

3 Signs of a Professional Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionIf you need a corporate video done, you know that you need a professional touch for it. This is going to be something that affects the image of the company and it cannot be less than satisfying to the eye. That is why you need to get a professional corporate video production for your company.

That said, you want to make sure that you got the right team for the job, not just any team that called themselves professionals! How do you find them among all the other teams though?

First of all, what you need to secure is your budget. And then the purpose of the video that wants them to produce. They are good in video production but the results will only be good if they show what you want them to show. At least, it has to live up to the purpose of having a video done in the first place.

And that brings us to the first sign, which is a listener. A good team of video production will always open their ears to listen to your comments. Throughout the production, maybe there is something that you want them to capture but also things you prefer to stay out of the scene. You want the company and its people to look professional, sophisticated or maybe cheerful and friendly.

Depending on which one, the team or videographer must know what you really want from the video. No matter how good they are, being a listener is a must.

They show you an example of their past works.

This can mean several things. First, they want you to trust in their abilities as a professional corporate video production team like www.theheadshotstudio.co.uk. Their portfolios can be easily found on their site and it allows you to consider if you like their styles and what others think about them.

Through their portfolios, they may even show you something similar to what you currently want. Which means, it will be easier to get them to know what you want.


They have years of experience in this job, which means it’s not just any photographer and videographer, but people who have been making corporate videos for years. Because this is not a job for fun, but for professional purposes, someone with professional standards establishes it after years of practicing it. That’s how you know you’re hiring someone who knows what he’s doing for you.

If you are looking forward to hiring someone who has only a few experiences in exchange for cheaper service, we won’t stop you. But you need to have a clear communication with him and make sure he’s doing it the way you need it to be done.

And these are three important requirements of finding that professional corporate video production for your company. It’s going to take some time and while you need to take care of your business, you might find it daunting. But spend just a little more time into looking up about them from their sites and you won’t regret it.

4 Reasons Why You Need WordPress Driving Your Internet Size

wordpress support for photographersYour love of photography is unquestionable, since you are making a career out of it. In this technological world, it is not enough that you have a studio. You cannot simply rely on the word of mouth advertisement that you are hoping to get from your satisfied clients. To survive in the photography business, you need to let the world know that you exist to provide them with exquisite photography. You need to market your photography brand in the internet, and the best way to do that is using WordPress for hosting your amazing photography website. The WordPress support for photographers is excellent, and they even offer free migration from your old website provider to their excellent hosting platform, if you already have a website.

Google ranking

The WordPress support for photographers is quite helpful in your photography business. You will receive help in optimizing your page rank on search engines, and you will receive accurate report on your current standing. You will know if you are posting the right contents to drive genuine traffic to your photography site, or if you need to update your game. This feature is vital to your photography business, as knowing where you stand will make you seek for ways to rank ahead of your competitors.

Training and marketing

Whether you are a novice or a professional in the photography website world, you need regular training in how to optimize your content, use the right keywords, and market your brand. There are always new technologies or latest systems that are created to drive traffic you a website and you need have constant upgrade in knowledge so you will not be left behind. WordPress can provide that training for you, and you will also receive assistance in installing the necessary software to determine traffic in your website, and entice more potential customers to your website.

Built in webmaster

WordPress takes care of the backups you have for your photography business, and handles the plug-in updates so you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about the security of your site because there are intelligent minds taking care of that for your convenience. The uptime monitoring and theme updates are always up-to-date, and there is always a malware check that WordPress does periodically. With all that stuff being handled expertly, you have the luxury of time to find more ways to expand your photography business, and always rest easy knowing that WordPress support for photographers can always be counted on.

In-house website developer

You sure have lots of ideas in how you want your website to look like, and to incorporate those brilliant plans is seamless because of the nonstop WordPress support for photographers that they offer. Any change or modification that you want for your photography website, a developer from WordPress can definitely handle that for you. You don’t have to be an expert in I.T. or web development to create the best stunning photography website there is. You can simply choose MyPhotoCTO and achieve the best-looking website for your photography business come to life.

Finding a Professional Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

wedding photographer HertfordshirePreparing for a wedding is a happy occasion that everyone especially the two people getting married are always excited about. Everyone wants to do their best in preparing the event and wants to find the right person to help you with it. That includes hiring the right wedding photographer Hertfordshire for the occasion.

What kind of quality should you see in your wedding photographer? Here are some that will help you guide you to trim all those photographers to only the ones that you will be happy with.

Years of experience

Some of the photographers that you saw are probably still new and we want you to be especially careful with a wedding photographer that has less than a year of experience. Unless that person is a relative that you can trust, we will not recommend hiring this person.

Experience defines how the photographer is well-prepared to face the next job. The photographer must have been faced with various problems during a wedding and overcame it. With that many experiences, you can also look at more portfolios to see more of his style and how he shoots.


There are many ways to look at the style of a wedding photographer. One of that is by looking at their portfolios which is usually available on their site. You can easily Google them if you know their studio’s name or maybe it’s how you found the photographer in the first place! Most of the time, clients find themselves astounded by the pictures shown in those short portfolios.

A little tip we get from a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire, Rafe Abrook Photography, is to ask for the photographer to show a full album of his own work. It’s preferable to see a recent one, such as an album done within a year. That way, you can see the photographer’s style in a more realistic way because it’s actually almost impossible to capture all gorgeous and stunning pictures all the time!

Do you like the photographer?

This is quite important to think about! You will be spending quite some time with the wedding photographer on your wedding day. Like it or not, you are tied to him for the whole day and it can get very uncomfortable if you don’t like his company to begin with. Make sure it’s someone you can come to terms with and enjoy having around you.

It will also show on your face in the pictures captured later. It’s supposed to be a happy day, girl, dude, whoever is reading this, don’t sacrifice your happiness like this!

Read the contract

When you read the contract, check all the statements and details. Make sure that it’s only filled with what you agree with the photographer before. Don’t feel rushed to read the contract and do it with your partner. Ask about anything that you are not clear about in the contract and most important, do not miss out on the fine prints!

Only after you agree with what’s on the contract should you sign it and hire the wedding photographer Hertfordshire.

These are the things that you mainly need to pay attention to. Make sure to do this when you start looking for your wedding photographer.

Portrait Photography as an Art

portrait photography studioPortrait photography is one of the earliest styles of photography when people only took pictures of royals and important historical figures. It was the only one as the pictures were very expensive and complicated to work on.

Cameras were often stationed at one position and it was impossible to operate on your own! Only a few years later did they get a hold of a smaller camera that was more portable and portrait photography studio became a thing.

However, the function is still to take portraits. People would hire photographers to take family pictures, portrait pictures, etc. There were almost none who take pictures of anything other than people. After cameras became even more compact, photographers were sent to become journalists during World War II. Many of them were assigned to capture the history of the world.

Afterward, they lost their jobs and many switched back to become portrait photographers!

The portrait is one of the oldest styles and has changed so much throughout the century. Various expressions are captured through this style, showing people of different background, in various clothing, in various poses. People also developed various styles in portraiture, plays with various modes and lighting in better capturing the image they see.

As a portrait photographer, the challenge today is not just providing the service, or capturing crystal-clear pictures. Anyone could do that from their smartphones today, making it even much more important to be absolutely different and unique. You need to show that you are a photographer capable of doing something more.

One of the best photographers that we know is www.dundeephotographystudio.co.uk. Upon visiting his portrait photography studio, you will see how this person manages to do very well in capturing portraits, giving his own touch into the pictures. Expressions and purposes were seen in the pictures.

What’s more important is that these days, people expect you to capture their personalities in those pictures. Simply looking good is not enough for a portrait. A professional has to be able to capture the pictures of their clients while analyzing what best works with them.

There’s also the fact that you must master the use of various equipment because you have all the time to be maximum in your effort. From making use of various lighting equipment, reflectors, and flash, to using various lenses for different results and quality. You need to know which one will look good in various situations, making sure they are available while you work with your client.

You need to also take note of the fact that many portrait pictures are taken inside a portrait photography studio.

And it’s important that you make sure the studio is designed in a way that is most optimize for a portrait photography session to be done. It has to allow enough natural light to shine in and make it easy to only use reflectors for best pictures result.

There are also various techniques that you can learn to employ to give variety to your work. Small changes to the model’s positions to small changes of your perspective can bring much variation into the picture.

4 Things Wedding Photographers Should Never Forget

wedding photographers BillericayMany sites focus on the photography skills of wedding photographers Billericay and equipment you should use. But in the business world, there are even more factors that you need to consider aside from those things. Many of your clients don’t really think that deep about photography or the style; they simply like your pictures and want you to provide the terms that they can agree with.

Here are 4 things that you need to remember every time you deal with a client. It will also help you focus on becoming a better wedding photographer.

Build connection

You need to know a lot of wedding photographers. It’s best that you make friends with them and join a sort of community to help each other out. You never know when you will need someone else to replace for your job, although it also means that you need to do the same for them. The connection can also help inspire you when you meet up and discuss the latest advancement in camera technology or new ways of shooting.

You need to guarantee your clients that there will definitely be someone who can shoot when you can’t, so this is a must.

Show and explain that you care

A lot of photographers have worked for so long, they only see their photography business as a way to earn money. It’s not the job that helps puts smiles in their clients face when they give them the pictures anymore. It’s not the job that makes them happy when they get a beautiful shot of the wedding.

Care is a quality that your client seeks and wedding photographers Billericay should know this. Your client will also rely on and trust you more if you are able to do it. A photographer from www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk gained popularity because of this. There was reportedly positive feedback from clients in terms of how the photographer treated them.

Be honest

Your client isn’t dumb and will be able to figure some things that you lied to him about. There are also some obvious acts that clients know aren’t wrong but are ethically annoying. For example, sending an assistant to the extra hours you provided them, leaving them thinking that they still get you as the main photographer. They should have asked you, but it’s something that many people think is obvious.

Treat them like how you’d treat a close friend. You wouldn’t want to try to fraud or even be clever to them. If that’s how it is, then be truthful about it. If you know you are not capable of it, then don’t do it.

Do your best

We have met wedding photographers Billericay who went to so many weddings and took so many pictures that they forgot they weren’t serious about it anymore. They did it as if they were on an autopilot mode; they weren’t seriously giving their all. It can happen to you too as you get bored with the job and it can be dangerous. Enjoy your job and remember your love towards photography and how you ended up doing this. It’ll be easier to gather up your determination and start trying your best again.